Using San Antonio Granite, Natural Stone, and Engineered Stone

February 27, 2012 at 10:50 pm | Category: Engineered Stone, Granite

San Antonio Engineered StoneWhen it comes to using granite compared to other counter top choices, granite is the most durable material for kitchen counter tops available today. According to the Marble Institute of America, the most recent granite piece from the earth will be at least 750 million years old! However granite’s toughness and durability isn’t calculated in years, but based on eons.

Now there are no human made products which can match the natural beauty of real granite stones, white come in extremely brilliant colors and look shiny and rich. The shine present on granite counters are not due to the result of a finish being applied over it, but it comes from polishing made with diamond abrasives and these polished San Antonio granite will keep its luster for years.

Even thought the cost of granite counter tops are higher when compared to other products available, the durability of granite countertops make it a much more cost effective choice. San Antonio granite will continue to retain its exquisiteness, hence holding its value longer than any other counter top. Many find that aspect alone worth spending the extra money for.

When it comes to using San Antonio¬†natural stone for countertops, one must keep a few things in mind. Natural stone is not a seamless pattern, as it is as the name portrays – natural. However it is the unique markings and veins present within the stone’s natural beauty which make it a natural work of art that no man made objects can match. Natural stone, if left unsealed, however, can easily be stained.

Let us see how natural stone counters differ from engineered stones countertops. San Antonio Engineered stone is known by different kinds of names such as Zodiaq, Technistone and Okite that are about 95 percent quartz in a resin base. When it comes to San Antonio Engineered Stone there is no chances of stains nor is there a need to seal the stone. One of the main reasons to use San Antonio Engineered Stones is that there are many colors to choose from, and this type of countertop material is often cheaper than natural stone and granite. Engineered stone has a consistent color pattern while maintaining the hardness and durability of granite. Plus, many engineered stone products comes with a warranty of 10 years or more. You should consult with your San Antonio granite company for more information, of course.

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