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10 Useful Ways to Include Travertine in San Antonio Remodeling Projects

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As the popularity of travertine is quickly spreading nationwide, it is worth discovering the many qualities and advantages that travertine has to offer. San Antonio travertine is a great natural stone that is convenient for both indoor and outdoor projects. In a concise manner, the following suggestions demonstrate the various ways that travertine can be incorporated into household projects.

  1. Retaining walls – In order to prevent erosion on a hilly terrain, a retaining wall can be formed by stacking together various sizes of Travertine Pavers. Tumbled Travertine Pavers are the ideal material to be used on retaining walls due to their robust and porous surface.
  2. Outdoor kitchens – Brushed & Chiseled San Antonio travertine tiles are an excellent way to add sophistication and functionality to an outdoor kitchen project. These tiles are ideal for a high traffic area and should be sealed in case of spills and other occurrences that happen in the kitchen. Doing so will help to preserve and protect the travertine from stains. Travertine Tiles can also be used for the backsplash.
  3. Fire pits/Fireplaces & Hearths – Traditional fireplaces have long been associated with bricks, but the decision to build a modern or even a rustic fireplace leaves plenty of room for other material options. The different colors, sizes and finishes of San Antonio travertine make it easier for homeowners to obtain the fireplace or hearth that they desire. Tumbled Travertine Pavers can also be used for outdoor fire pits as well as the walkways leading to the pit.
  4. Walkways and steps – The tumbled surface of a Travertine Paver makes it a great choice for walkways, providing good traction for foot traffic. They are also strong enough to take on the load of heavier objects you may find along the way, such as large planters and patio sets. Travertine can be used for stairs, which is usually done with stair treads. It is a great way to incorporate the stairs with the walkway and is easy to install. Travertine comes in sizes that make the stair design more ergonomic.
  5. Patios – One of the main uses of Travertine Pavers is on an outdoor patio. Patios made with Travertine Pavers are not only safer, but more accommodating as well. The pavers retain heat and as such will not burn your feet in hotter temperatures. They come in different sizes and colors differentiating them from the monotony of concrete and the busy illusion of bricks.
  6. Driveways – At 1.25″ thick, Chiseled Travertine Pavers are a great option for driveways. The chiseled edges allow a closer fit, giving the pavers a higher load capacity and the honed surface will not immediately absorb spills, (i.e. the oil dripping on the driveway for instance).
  7. Bathrooms – San Antonio Travertine Tiles and Mosaics come in various colors and designs to appeal to any bathroom project. They cost less than other materials in their category yet are easy to maintain. They are great for countertop backsplashes and are an innovative way to replace the typical subway bathroom tiles that are so common today.
  8. Flooring – Using San Antonio travertine tiles for bathroom flooring is a simple way to increase your home’s value. At a price that is more economical than other natural stone flooring, Travertine has become the obvious choice for home projects. It is recommended to have any high traffic areas sealed in order to preserve the Travertine’s beauty and to protect it.
  9. Walls – Travertine tiles can be used on walls and ceilings to give the look of a room built entirely of stone. They can also be used in hallways, dens, studies or wine cellars. San Antonio Travertine is extremely durable and is a great investment that will really stand the test of time.
  10. Pool decks – Tumbled Travertine Pavers create a beautiful and refined space around a pool deck. Their porous surface ensures that any standing water will be immediately absorbed, leaving the area safe to walk upon. As mentioned earlier, they stay cool to the touch and will not burn your feet during hot summer months or in tropical climates. Travertine Pavers also work in cold weather climates as they are able to withstand repeat freeze/thaw cycles without so much as a crack, if properly installed.

As you can see, San Antonio Travertine can be included in all types of projects and will add elegance and great taste to any mundane space – making it a natural stone not to overlook. Many local San Antonio tile companies supply travertine products, so it is a good bet to contact one of them if you are looking to have travertine tiles installed.

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