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For Showroom Visits, Please Call Ahead For An Appointment - 830-228-5985 or 210-818-2725

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3 Ways To Use Granite To Enhance Your Business Image

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When you own your own business, you understand just how important image can be. A business that offers the most amazing service in the world, but suffers from the lack of, or just a poor image is going to have trouble truly achieving success. When you are looking to make a statement with your business’ image, nothing has quite the same effect as granite. Many business owners today are beginning to recognize that granite has a whole array of different benefits and uses besides serving as a kitchen cutting block. The benefits of granite as a surface material have been what has made it such an attractive option for homeowners for decades now. Many businesses are taking note of this and have found many different ways to implement granite into their design. Here are just a couple of ways that you can use granite to completely reinvigorate your business’ image.

Outdoor Patios & Dining Areas

If your business has any outdoor patio or dining areas, replacing these surfaces with granite can really set your business apart from the competition. Not only does granite enhance the aesthetic of these outdoor spaces, it also makes sure that they can continue to serve you and your customers for a long time with very little maintenance required on your part. Due to its incredibly dense nature and its polished surface, it won’t absorb rain and water like wooden surfaces will, and it doesn’t provide an area for bacteria, mold, or mildew to grow on its surface. This ensures that your outdoor surfaces stay clean and looking magnificent for your customers and that they will only require minimal cleaning to keep them that way. In addition, unlike wooden or painted surfaces, granite will not lose its color or sheen from exposure the elements. This means your outdoor surfaces can continue to look as great years from now as the day you had them installed.

Distinguished Lobby Or Reception Area

Adding granite flooring to your lobby or receptionist area is a great way to wow potential customers and give your employees a sense of workplace pride at the same time. By showing that you care about the image of your business, you are sending the message that you pay attention to detail, that nothing falls through the cracks, and customers and employees alike will notice this. Granite flooring in high profile and high traffic areas of your business will give the room a constant and elegant look. The density of the granite will ensure that you never have to worry about rainy days staining or causing damage to your floors, and the durability means that you don’t have to worry about your floor becoming scratched or scuffed up over time. Installing granite flooring will ensure that you have a beautiful floor that can keep pace with your growing business for years to come.

Elegant Counter & Tabletops

The same qualities that make granite such a great flooring and outdoor option also make it the perfect choice for your countertops or tabletops. A granite reception desk adds a distinguished look to your waiting area, while granite administrative desks will give the whole office a more professional appearance and feel. The nearly indestructible nature of granite will make it almost impossible for these surfaces to become gouged or scratched. Granite is actually the second hardest material on the planet, in fact, and granite can only be cut or shaped by diamond blades. This is a fun fact that is sure to leave a lasting impression on any potential or future clients sitting around your polished granite-topped conference table.

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