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For Showroom Visits, Please Call Ahead For An Appointment - 830-228-5985 or 210-818-2725

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Tile Backsplashes for San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling

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A backsplash is a covering placed over the wall behind a sink, a stove or cook top, or any other area of a kitchen where there is a potential for splashing of water or food on the wall. Backsplashes can be a simple piece of plastic attached to the wall to protect the paint or wallpaper. Backsplashes can also be highly decorative and create a focal point in a San Antonio kitchen remodeling project by using a variety of tiles.

The size of a backsplash might be determined by the size of the fixture or appliance it will be placed behind. Alternately, you might choose to install a backsplash behind an entire counter or workspace. The backsplash might be a pre-fabricated item that you decide to hang on the wall, or it might be made of decorative tiles.

Ceramic tile is available is a huge variety of colors, finishes, sizes and shapes. These can be installed in a simple solid color or installed in geometric or decorative designs. You can create a mosaic or you can install hand-painted tile. Other tile options include travertine, marble and granite. Combining different types of tile can create a beautiful and unique look for your San Antonio kitchen remodel.

Visiting a San Antonio tile company will help you make choices of finish, tile size, tile shape, and combinations of colors, shapes and designs. Many tile companies have displays of tile styles and colors with complimentary pieces and shapes to help you create the design you want. For example, you can easily go to a tile store, choose the basic tile for your floor and for your backsplash. Then by looking at matching pieces suggested by the manufacturer, you can easily select the trim and design components you want to use to create an attractive backsplash.

If your kitchen design is “rustic,” you might choose a ceramic tile with a matte or dull finish in a brick or stone design. A more traditional kitchen might need only simple single-color tile and edging. A modern kitchen might be right for something more creative and elaborate.

The size of the backsplash area will also determine how far you can go in being creative or in adding decorative interest. A small backsplash will need smaller design elements. A large backsplash area, on the other hand, might be made into the focal point of your kitchen design with a mosaic or with hand-painted tiles.

If you decide to incorporate a backsplash into your kitchen remodel design, you will have almost complete freedom in choosing the material – tile, metal, wallpaper – for your backsplash and in deciding how elaborate the design of the finished area will be. The primary purpose of the backsplash is to provide a surface that is easy to clean and that will not be stained easily. Beyond that functionality, your creativity and imagination is the only limit on what you can do.

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