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For Showroom Visits, Please Call Ahead For An Appointment - 830-228-5985 or 210-818-2725

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What You Need To Know About San Antonio Engineered Stone

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Engineered stone worktops are man-made composites often made of 93% crushed quartz and between 3% and 7% binders and resins. Since these worktops are made from real quartz, they are very durable. Their ease of maintenance make them a favorite of families.

Pros And Cons Of Engineered Stone

The disadvantages of engineered stone include the fact that it can be very expensive. Due to the fact that the material is man-made, as opposed to natural, the color is very uniform – missing out on the variations which occur in nature. Also, there may be visible seams.

Advantages of San Antonio engineered stone far outweigh any disadvantages. Due to the materials used to create the product, such as quartz or even marble, these countertops are very durable and strong. Easy to install, virtually maintenance-free, it is easy to clean these worktops. Engineered Stone is usually 1/4 inches thick which makes it very easy to install over current worktops.

Engineered stone Countertops

As these countertops are so durable, they are both scratch resistant and heat resistant. To be safe, however, avoid putting hot items directly on the countertop. These tops are stain-resistant, making them very family-friendly. Since they are non-porous, bacteria is unable to find a place to grow. Also, there is no need to reseal the product, thereby reducing maintenance involved.

Selecting colors can be difficult because there are so many to select from. You will find a wide variety of selections, many fashioned after currently available non-engineered products – such as Cambrian Black and Earth Brown.

Some of the colors available include: white, beige, peach, red, maroon, purple, sky blue, navy blue, green, yellow, orange, black, gray, and brown. New hues and colors are constantly being introduced. Some of the newer shades include Lavender, Mulberry, and Magenta. With so many selections, the design possibilities are endless.

Versatility of Engineered Stone

Although engineered stone is usually associated with kitchen countertops, there are, in fact, many different uses for this great and durable material. For bathrooms, the product is perfect for vanities. The stain-resistance means that you do not need to worry about water seeping in and staining the product. The stone is also durable enough to be used as a flooring.

Although San Antonio engineered stone has only been around for about 30 years, it has already become an incredibly popular product. In fact, many people refer to the brand instead of the product. If you are considering engineered stone worktops, the selection of colors as well as the versatility of the product make it perfect for any home.

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