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Use of San Antonio Marble and Granite in Residential and Commercial Construction

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Real estate construction nowadays has witnessed extreme transformation. Be it construction of multistory residential complexes, high-rise commercial buildings, or individual houses, they all have witnessed a beautiful trend of using marble, granite, and other natural stone products extensively. Be it interiors or exteriors of buildings, different kinds of San Antonio marble products are being used in abundance.

Exterior Construction with San Antonio Marble and Granite

Any San Antonio residential or commercial building has several important exterior components. They are important for the visual appeal of the building and they are also among the essential things for building’s durability. Some of such important components are exterior walls and columns. For both these options, nowadays people prefer using natural stone products. San Antonio marble exterior is an excellent way of giving magnificent look to home exterior. Especially developed marble columns in different variants (size and designs) make it easy for people to choose their options.

Apart from that, marble and San Antonio granite products are also used widely in construction of landscaped gardens. Marble benches are a must for any backyard gardens. For pavements, one and only option is to use sandstone tiles. They are perfect for pavements; however marble tiles are also used by some of the people who can’t compromise with the quality, and for whom cost doesn’t matter.

Marble and Granite in Interior Construction

Interior construction of modern homes and offices is always incomplete without inclusion of marble and granite products strategically. San Antonio granite and marble tiles rule in flooring at both residential and commercial premises. In every modern home, kitchen and bathroom construction depends mainly on granite and marble. Granite countertops are essential component of every modular kitchen and stylish bathroom in every home. Sinks, wash basins, and bathtubs all are made using natural stones like marble, granite, or sandstone.

At commercial buildings San Antonio granite countertops are used for creation of counters for shops and other retail outlets. At offices, translucent stone panels are the only choice for creating partitions to make different cubicles. Marble counters are also used during construction of reception at hospitality buildings (in hotels, hospitals, schools etc.).

In summary, it is very easy to figure out the extensive use of marble and granite in modern real estate construction. Popularity of these products are encouraging marble products manufacturers to enhance their production and making their service area wider than ever before.

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