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For Showroom Visits, Please Call Ahead For An Appointment - 830-228-5985 or 210-818-2725

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Why You Need San Antonio Travertine

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People from all over the globe seem to love the benefits of San Antonio Travertine floor tiles and the kind of streaked look that it can give their flooring.

Travertine Tiles

If you are going to consider installing Travertine tiles then it is certainly a good choice on many counts. However, the first thing that you need to consider with the Travertine tiles is that this kind of flooring is not suitable for homes that have pets, children in them.

The reason being although Travertine floor tiles is sturdy it is not able to withstand the spills and spots that come along with pets and kids. Therefore, they are recommended only for households with all adults living in it.

But, once you have transgressed that barrier these tiles make the most wonderful of flooring choices. They are extremely durable. Because Travertine tiles are made of the purest of stones they are really tough and stoic. At the same time Travertine tiles are from the family of limestone and therefore they are prone to being chipped and scratched as limestone is far softer when compared to the other kinds of stone.

Cons Of Travertine Tiles

Travertine floor tiles are heavy. When they are made into sheets or tiles they weigh quite a bit sometimes as much as 5 pounds.

These tiles are considered to be quite expensive when compared to other stones. Amongst the stone category they fall under the niche of luxuriant stone and are almost as expensive as granite. Therefore if you are on a strict budget then these tiles might not be a good enough option.

They are porous and that means they need to be treated as in polished and sealed before they are used in places such as the kitchen and the washroom where there can be accumulation of water and water seeping through the flooring.

Benefits Of Travertine Tile

The traction in the Travertine floor tiles allows the dirt, grime and germs to be trapped within the crevices. This will make cleaning a difficult chore. And if you are to polish the tiles they tend to become really slippery.

Although there are several different kinds of Travertine tiles most home owners tend to opt for the tumbled travertine floor tiles. There are several reasons behind this. The most obvious of reasons are that the tumbled floor tiles are porous, rough textured and polishing works really well on them. When you want to change the texture of the tumbled Travertine tiles you can go ahead and have them polished.

When the Travertine tiles are polished the color is far more prominent and impactful and also the Travertine floor tiles give a far richer look. When these San Antonio Travertine floor tiles are polished they are able to reflect the light that falls on them. This makes the room look far brighter and welcoming.

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